41 Days is a minimalist pandemic simulation game. Players are challenged to draw quarantine lines to stop the contagious virus outbreak. 

This game is hard, but so is managing a real pandemic. When the virus is out of control, it's time to draw the line!

Key Features

  • 6 zones with unique pandemic scenarios
  • quick and intense gameplay sessions
  • intuitive gameplay - draw lines to contain the spread
  • minimalist visual and audio design
  • pandemic graphs for each session


Simple controls are explained during the game. Mouse (left click only) or touch controls only, no keyboard needed. Here's the breakdown of the controls:

There are two methods for drawing quarantine lines:

  • Click and hold to start the line,  drag the mouse  and release on the desired endpoint
  • Click on the desired point to start the line, click again on the endpoint

Start and endpoints must be on the blocks or on the edge of the board.

South America zone has different gameplay. Control one point and visit all the hex checkpoints before they shrink and disappear. Click to move in any direction. In this zone, the game pauses when releasing the mouse button.

About the Game

Development originally started in February 2020 during the first lockdown. I'll let you take a guess where the inspiration came from :)

The game was released in August 2020 on Google Play and has been in constant development since then.  The current version is 1.67.


Solo indie developer focused on building small but unique games. My minimalist approach to games is a foundation for quality and respect for the audience.

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Contact me via Website  •  Twitter •  Discord  •  Facebook

Stay safe,

♥ GameHugger

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Cool game! But I just lost at day 40 and now im starting to hate the number... luckily the music and visuals are calming!

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Really fun and really hard! Especially the North America map, once a person goes against quarantine it is practically impossible to win afterwards. I enjoyed the healing mechanic, though in the Africa map the infected can't go below 5% or more infections pop up randomly, which is annoying

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear you enjoed it.

The upcoming update will deal with some of the game balancing issues. 

Amazing game, and insanely hard lol. 

Thanks for playing. Hope it's still fun. Just keep those line crossing points in check and you'll be alright :)